Book Your Staycation Massage

What to look out for when booking a mobile massage therapist to come to your holiday home.

This Summer a lot of people booking a summer holiday are swapping a staycation the UK for their holiday in abroad or cruise, and in doing so they may be looking to pamper themselves.

You don’t need to go to a spa to get pamper treatment – you can have a spa experience brought to you in your holiday home. 

Many will need that well-earned relief from the stress or may just want to add that something a bit special to their holiday, especially when they may not paying so much to go abroad.

If you are one of those people looking for a massage therapist to visit you in your holiday home then you might be wondering where to start looking. You may have never booked a mobile massage therapist before or may not even know that there is a thriving industry of mobile massage therapists all over the UK and they are very happy to come to your holiday home.

This article is to help you find a therapist who will come to you and I hope to give you pointers on what to look out for when booking and what to expect.

I am a mobile massage therapist based in Christchurch, Dorset, a popular holiday destination which is close to the beaches of Bournemouth and the stunning New Forest. I frequently get requests to go to holiday homes, caravans and lodges to provide massage, but most will only contact me the week before they are due to visit the area. Most mobile massage therapists are in high demand with their local population and are very unlikely to have last minute (yes- a week’s notice is last minute) appointments available. I am not saying that it is not worth trying, especially if it just for one person, because they may have a cancellation spot, however, if it is a booking for a group then you will need to book as early as possible.

There are many types of massage and many very different massage therapists. Think about the type of treatments you want. Do you want a mixture of sport/deep tissue/holistic relaxation massage? Do want a spa experience type of massage? Do you want some beauty treatments as well, if so, a mobile beauty therapist may be more suited for your needs? These are questions you will need to ask of your group members who are requiring a treatment to make sure you get what you really want.

When you have decided on what you want you can begin your search for a mobile massage therapist. In Your Home Massage is the UK’s only online directory for independent mobile massage therapists so it is the perfect place to start! Therapists list their businesses on the site but are not vetted by In Your Home Massage so you will still need to check out their details thoroughly. When contacting them ask them relevant questions with regards to what you are looking for to make sure they are the therapist for you.

  1. What treatments do they offer and how much do they charge?
  2. Do they supply towels/sheets or do you need to think about having those available?
  3. How long do they expect to be at your home in total?
  4. If they charge a deposit, is it refundable if you cancel within a certain amount of time?
  5. How do they expect to be paid and when?
  6. Make a note of their details and contact numbers etc. just in case you have a problem.

Make sure you know the address of where you are staying. It is really helpful for the therapist if you give them a link to the booking site where your property is listed, in case it is difficult to find and there are more details on there. Some holiday lets are a bit out of the way and special directions are needed. If you find there are any useful directions to give the therapist after you have arrived let them know, as it can be quite daunting for therapists to try and find some of these places for the first time, and they mostly are visiting that property for the first time.

If you are at all unsure as to the size of your property that you are staying in, check with the owners that you will have enough space for a therapist’s massage couch and for the therapist to be able to work all around it. My couch is the size of a small single bed and I need to be able to get all around it for full body massages. Mind you, I am fairly adept at adapting to small spaces, but if the couch doesn’t fit, neither will I. Some properties will have a dedicated space for treatments, for example, I have worked at Pepperbox Holidays and that has a lovely treatment space ideal for mobile treatments.

If you follow these points when booking your mobile massage therapist you can then sit back and relax knowing that everything has been covered. Then you will have a hassle free pamper giving your holiday in the UK that extra special dimension.

If you cannot find a therapist in your area please email me at and I will try and find someone for you.