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Massage therapy AND baked treats to your door.

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I have a BTEC in Holistic Massage and learned with Essentials For Health in 2011.

Now seems the perfect time to finally put this skill to use as I know people are working from home, often using chairs and desk set ups that strain backs, shoulders and necks.

I am also an enthusiastic home baker and have in the past baked for cafes and private events, my home kitchen was given a 5* hygiene rating from York City Council in 2018.

Cakes and treats also promote a big sense of wellbeing in people, so combining my skills of baking and massage makes complete sense – treats AND treatment to your door!!

Holistic massage means that I consider the lifestyle of a person, both physical and mental before giving a massage treatment, I try to get a sense of what they need from getting a massage that day in order to give the best therapy I can for them.

I use a combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques when I massage. Additionally I am attuned in Reiki Level 1 so clients also receive some of this healing energy through the massage I give.


Q What space do I need for a home massage?

In practical terms, I need a space big enough for my table and for me to work around it. So a minimum area of 2.5 metres x 1.5 metres free from furniture, clutter and trip hazards.

For your massage to be the most effective I would recommend a space that can be free of other people and animals for the duration of your treatment, and that can offer you privacy to get undressed down to your underwear. Ideally the space will be a comfortable temperature and if you enjoy things like scent diffusers or scented candles this is an ideal opportunity to have these on.

I will also need to be able to park near to your house and will need to know in advance whether there are any stairs I will need to get the massage table up or down!

Q Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, if you'd like to buy a gift for someone living in the York area please contact me on and I can easily arrange this.