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Hi, I am Henrietta Toth Massage Therapist.
At Expertmassage you can find Professional Massage Services like:

Relaxing Massage: Swedish Massage and other Stress-Relief Treatments for body and soul relaxing

Pain Relief Massage: Deep Tissue Massage and Detoxicating Honey with Vacuum Effect

NEW! Anti-Aging Face Massage: the bases of this treatment are Reflexology, Lymph Massage and Far Eastern Face Massage techniques. Totally Natural Treatment. Not Cosmetic Massage. Before/After photos.

Wellness Treatments: NEW! Hot Stone Massage, Dead Sea Mud-Pack, Wellness Honey with Body Peeling.

Foot reflexology: stimulates the operation of the organs, can prevent illnesses, faster recovery from illnesses.

Mobile Massage: Coventry-Leamington Spa-Rugby