Massage Therapy by DW


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Tight hips causing you discomfort? Lower back pain everyday? Shoulders holding tension? Looking for another way to improve & speed up your injury rehabilitation? Feeling stressed and looking to simply relax & unwind? Or do you want to just be in the moment & enjoy the smooth rhythmic touches? You’ve found the right person – I’m here to help!

If you require me to bring a massage table, this would include a £10 surcharge. If you either have one yourself that is absolutely okay, or the massage can be done on your bed to 1, save money, and 2, you do not have to move furniture around for the table.

Massages can be performed in my own private massage room in Holloway, nearby to the Arsenal Stadium (roughly 5 minutes away). Some massages can be done at your home if this is more convenient for yourself. I have a portable massage bed that I can bring along and all the essentials that are deemed necessary to carry the massage out. All massages include personalised take home advice that further enhance your treatment. For example, stretches, self care, exercises etc.

If you have any questions feel free to message me. If you’d like to get booked in for your introductory offer massage, pop me a message of days & times that suits you best.

Looking forward to hearing from you!